Experimental Games Disabled

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Roblox added a new update that do that we can't go in a non Filtering Enabled games also know as Experimental Games, Roblox have added this new functions because of the amount of exploiter.

While removing this, Pretty much all people who got experimental games and non Filtering Enabled script inside this games can't develops or create other games, otherwise they literally eat "shit"

We want that you guys at ROBLOX secure more your games systems against exploits,bots and scams

instead of removing all things that makes roblox a good games. You ROBLOX removed, Comments sections,Forums,The Leaderboard on the website.

We want ROBLOX to make a new secure web site, they should'nt be any "FREE ROBUX GIVEWAYS" games on the mains games page, and no more bots or exploiters, 

In this petitions we want ROBLOX to add back first the Experimental Games options, and we would like to have back our comments sections back with way more protection against spammer and bots