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On July 14th, 2017, ROBLOX announced they were to do a "Forum Upgrade"

Within this update there will be the removal of 13 subforums, which include Off Topic, Help, Suggestions & Ideas, BLOXfaires & Roblox Events, Roblox Talk, All Things Roblox, Game Marketing, Game Design, Video Game Central,  Video Creations with ROBLOX, Ro-Sports, Pop-Culture, and Role-Playing 

The problem with this is that each subforum has its own community. To each have their own "cultures," and this update will destroy all of that. These communities are the result of years and years of people working to create a distinct community for people with common interest.

Despite what the update claims, this won't allow for closer interaction and passionate discussion, it'll only hinder it. The forums will now lack a place for anything outside of ROBLOX, thus smothering anyone coming to the forums who'd like to discuss anything other than ROBLOX.

If anybody from the 13 subforums chooses to stay within the forum community, it is easy to predict that they will most likely choose to post in the "Roblox News & Discussion" subforum.  Imagine the chaos that would be created in the subforum, taking 13 different cultures and having them stuffed into one single one. The new subforum's post count would skyrocket, with posts happening every few seconds 24/7.  This won't give anybody time to view any threads that might pertain to their interest due to the traffic of the other threads being created at the same time. 

Deleting these subforums contradicts your slogan to "Power Imagination", for each day people write creative stories, start conversations on various topics, play forum games with each other, and much more.

Admins of ROBLOX, if you are reading this, please remember that forumers are a big chunk of ROBLOX too, some of us only here because of the forum. Thousands of us have come and gone over the past 10 years. Over the 7 years I've posted on the forums, I've made very close friends over the time posting on the forums, some I still stay in contact outside of ROBLOX. Now many many users are quitting ROBLOX altogether because that is the one thing they truly love about ROBLOX, and its because of ROBLOX people could go online and enjoy themselves on your website.

Please rethink the decision to enforce this update, for thousands of users put their hard work building the community and it would be devastating to everyone to see it be diminished.


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