Bring Back Unrestricted Experimental Mode or allow non FE scripts on ROBLOX

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     A week or two ago, ROBLOX decided that they would restrict "Experimental Mode" (A certain stage of game development), to friends only, unless the players were under thirteen. Later, I made a petition asking they "Remove Experimental Mode Restrictions", because groups couldn't operate, massive games were taken off the market, and developers lost jobs.

     However, now ROBLOX has taken Experimental Mode off of ROBLOX completely. Forcing some games to not work properly, and forcing them to spend hours, on something some developers and game creators, and groups don't understand, leading them to collapse.

     Now, my UNSC has people coming to it, complaining, insulting us for having such a "terrible map". My group was growing, everything was going well, until it ran into this problem, and it went to a halt. Now, we're loosing members. Some of my best, leaving because, "They've lost interest." in a group that can't do anything now. I had spent hundreds of dollars, and hours working on it, to make sure we could grow. All that time has gone to waste. Unless we fight. Fight to get members, jobs, games, back and working, so countless people don't have to quit ROBLOX because they can't do what they love.

      This update, not only destroying these things, is targeting players 13+, assuming they are all terrible. What did we do? Why does ROBLOX discriminate all of us for something  done a few times, which can be easily be prevented by children knowing online safety, or another security measure. But this, does more bad than good.

     Now, hundreds of others, and myself, strive to get these things back. Emailing ROBLOX, making  a stand, and creating a community to stand against this, and let ROBLOX know, that the game was fine before. Don't fix something, if it isn't broken. Don't let years of time, and dedication go to waste.

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