Allow Discord on ROBLOX.

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This is gone out of hand. I've played your game for 7 years. Hearing the insane Discord banning "because it is 13+". EXCUSE ME, you're a 13+ community as well, restricting those under 13 from settings.

The developers are crying out to stop it from happening. Here's what I've got for you, several posts that proves your decision was a terrible idea.

"I just received a 3 day ban for what I believe was a several year or so old discord or gyazo screenshot link post I made (I contacted @appeals and they refused to tell me what the link was…) So since you’re now going back to track all posts with discord links, can we then assume that a majority users will be receiving a similar punishment for breaking the rule? Because in my opinion it’s a bit severe and unfair to ban for posts made so long ago…" ~TrustMeImRussian

"I got a warning yesterday for a link I posted on the forums in 2008 (almost 10 years ago!), which is a bit beans. Are there plans to either make moderation work better regarding super-ancient content, or dump inactive forum threads maybe?" ~Polyhex

"Exactly! I only recently started a Discord community channel for my devgroup UniDev and it’s literally the base of keeping us running right now. We can hear feedback on our project, but not just that, we’re able to make a great community without having to wait till the groups have been fixed. Besides, if Twitter links are allowed and someone has put a pinned tweet saying ‘Join our Discord!’ with a link going to the exact same Discord channel, how’s this going to make a difference?" ~ShapeDemBricks

"so we’re banning for using the best group/chat system available to us BEFORE implementing an alternative? discord is the best to way get out information about my game to an audience that’s actually interested, keeping them up to date on features, patch notes, etc all the while being able to talk to and provide feedback straight to the developers if you’re really going to start banning for this you should have viable alternatives in place groups need a complete overhaul and I need more features in place so people know what’s going on with my game being able to @ everyone and say “hey big update/thing happening/stuff, go here” and get 100+ people in a game to help test is invaluable" ~rachjumper

"Then only filter it for <13 users? I don’t understand what the problem is here.
Whats to stop someone from say, linking their Discord channel through a tweet and then posting a link to that tweet onto Roblox? What if they make a YouTube video inviting people to join and they have a link in the description of that video? That can be linked to the site… so where is the consistency here? I think offsite links should just be blocked from <13 users all together. Us older users shouldn’t have to be affected by rules that are intended for <13 users. If an <13 user signs up as a 13+ user, thats on the parents, not Roblox. Those are my two cents on the issue. No one deserves to be banned over this. You guys know it, I know it, we all know it." ~CloneTrooper1019

STOP. Let Discord remain alive. We as a community moderate a lot of things better than YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook as a whole.

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