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Shut Robloxian life down!

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Robloxian life is a terrible game, Lets get roblox to shut it down. Made by DemmSkittlesdoe, Robloxian is an RP game. Here are 3 reasons why i think it should be shut down:

1. Oders- This is a big problem as usally 75% of players in the game Online date, saying things like "123456 For a hawt GF" Or "Wanna a BF come to the clothing shop and go out w/me and we can have some "fun" later gurl". These people spam the chat, and violate the roblox rules which even says No dating.  This is not right! Furthermore, these "ODers" do inappropriate moves and often pretend to have "you know what and making kids". 

2. This game has inappropriate movements/ dance movements-  The game has innapropriate "movements" that players sometimes use to their advantage to OD.

3. The game has free modeled and a big dislike ratio- There are almost 26,000 dislikes and this game is free modeled. This proves that skittles did not put effort or time in this game.

Because of these three reasons, i think we should shut this game down. When we shut this game down, their will be less reports on the news about ODing in roblox. Join me!


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