c_omedic as UKSF Director?

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I believe that UKSF is currently under-skilled and not worth being SF at all (deport them to PARAs).

This can be seen at their own UKSF tryouts. I urge you to attend their tryouts and look for yourself.

They make you do 1000 jjs, spending little time with combat training, parkour, parachute training and other necessary UKSF traits

UKSF being idiots #1                                                                                                  UKSF being idiots #2                                                                                                    UKSF being idiots #3

I believe UKSF should be SPECIAL FORCES not just 'SPECIAL'. This petition was made, to make the public and BAF combined, aware that the UKSF currently won't get anywhere, being only good "at raiding discords" - Quote grabbed by someone, forgot their name.

By signing this petition, you are GUARANTEEing that this UK will not lose to anyone in raids, and will pull through, always.

- Thank you, c_omedic.