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unban cowcow

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about 2 days ago the account "CowCowManManThingIt" got banned. Why? The reason was "Exploiting".  However, CowCow did not exploit at ALL. But, the reason why they banned cowcow was because he encouraged people to stop ODers (Online Daters) however, ROBLOX did not like this as they want money (Since they are a big company they need to have a lot of money but they went crazy because they broke one of the own rules, No ODing) and ODers tend to spend money on the game to look "cool/hot". And a lot of ODers are pedophiles/child predators as they ask for your location (if you OD them), this is one of the reasons ODing is bad. Second is because it's against the ToS of ROBLOX (although ROBLOX really don't care if someone OD's) and Third it is disgusting. I mean, how can you fall in love with pixels!? Also, believe it or not, some ODers suicide because of their "Love" So if you have read all of this now you know that ODing can be very dangerous. So I would like all of you to sign this petition.

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