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Bring back Servers Petition! [ROBLOX]

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Hello, I am David RBLX, and this is a petition to bring back Servers. I will be explaining to you why to vote this petition. Recently, ROBLOX has made an update on removing servers because of bots, (a moderator or someone said). I like the "Servers my friends are in" update, so if this petition is a sucess, keep both. If moderators are reading this, what if there's an exploited server? Or cafe trainings? Or meet and greet with famous people and more? a whole lot harder without the server showings, a lot of people can agree with that, I know you're thinking "What are we gonna gonna do about the bots if we bring back servers?" Well, moderators, this can go down with 2 things: 

1. You can probably make: Having to join a game to friend request or talk in the forums and stuff. I know you're thinking "can't bots join games?" No, they don't have a client or whatever that stuff is.

2. You can do a google bot verification on sending a friend request, making an account. They already did in the forums!

Please vote on this petition if you agree and want the forums back! Maybe if you have a connection, send it to (a) moderator(s)

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