Bacolod Cinemas: Screen Citizen Jake

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The purpose of art, and therefore cinema, is not to make us feel comfortable. Instead, it should unsettle us to the point that we begin asking the difficult and necessary questions.

KAUSAP believes that individuals in the province should have the same oppurtinities to access quality and thought-provoking films as those in the metro.

If you believe Citizen Jake should be screened in moviehouses here in Bacolod City, please sign the petition below and share it with your friends.

"In Citizen Jake, we do not just become witness to what needs to be seen in these challenging times but it also allows us to confront truths that we have forgotten and ignored. The problem is we, as a nation, has become so afraid of the truth because it is a reflection of who we are and the society we have built.

Amidst disinformation, historical revisionism and orchestrated fake news, the film challenges us to find truth both in the obvious and the obscure. The film may be fiction but the narrative remains the reality in our country."

- Leni Velaso, Dakila