Robinhood, we the people request Shiba Saitama Inu, $SAITA coin, be listed!

Robinhood, we the people request Shiba Saitama Inu, $SAITA coin, be listed!

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SirAlf Baez started this petition to Robinhood and

Getting SAITAMA listed on more top tier centralized exchanges (CEXs) means more access to regular folks, increases the demand for $SAITAMA, I support Brilliant projects see it on my twitter profile; I have advocated for $SHIB big time, we're reaching over 500k sign. Soon (rumored) it’ll be listed on Robinhood so it’s time for all of us to support and request the same for $SAITAMA. We're a new generation of crypto investor community with diverse portfolios. The goal is to open it, to regular folks like moms, dads, etc, that want to be part of this “equal financial justice opportunity for all” movement. To make it easier for them, without having to deal with all hurdles of buying $ETH then swapping and incur all sort of crazy network and gas fees by all those unnecessary added transactions. It just defies whole idea “decentralization, no need for man-bank in the middle”! For newcomers it's exhausting and discouraging. So, for that reason please sign the petition and spread the word. All of this is in line with each one the tier 1 exchanges moto as shown below. Financial freedom for all means we all come together as one positive crypto community $DOGE, $SHIB, $SAITA, $ETH, $BTC, etc with a positive attitude, without tearing apart each’s other favorite projects. Else, it will just remain the same as it has been for centuries! Only the 1% will continue to win it all. The 1% knows that being a diverse investor it's the way to win!

Robinhood's moto: “We’re on a mission to democratize finance for all.”

Crypton’s moto: “Our mission begins with empowering users

About Coinbase: “We are building the cryptoeconomy – a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by crypto.”

Robinhood,, and Coinbase, we the people aka regular retail investors unlike hedge funds with big packets request Saitama Inu, $SAITA coin, be listed!

This petition is designed to request Robinhood, Coinbase, and tier 1 like exchanges to list Saitama Inu $SAITA coin to trade. Doge and Shiba Inu coins have been a huge success for all tier one exchanges, and the investors. We have all enjoyed the ride. Saitama Inu is a similar coin with genuine potential, up more than 49,643% since its all-time-low, even more since its insertion! Gaining new ground by the day with over 64,693 holders and growing by minute. 

Investing just $100 at the time of writing 0.000000013+- would yield 7.4+- billion of $SAITA. The same $100 would return $6.6-+ million when it hits $0.0009 about when $DOGE was noticed on @Robinhood by many. This is what I would call economic justice for the common people

Saitama has just been listed on several other exchanges already and working its way into more, and its momentum grows by the hour. Half the questions when we log into trading forums ask, "How and where can I buy Saitama?"

Robinhood, Coinbase, listing Saitama Inu $SAITA, would hold up to their values to opening the trade market to regular retail investors aka the common people. The town’s people struggling and aiming to became financially independent. Not to mention all the great charity work that $SAITA is already done for many around the world.

$SAITAMA aka $SAITA coin is built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) with a smart contract code that makes it safe to invest and beneficial to hold. A lot more information and tech details can be found on their site:

Let's encourage tier 1 exchanges like #Robinhood, #Coinbase, and to be the first traditional brokerages to get on this train!


SirAlf Baez

I am not a financial advisor. I’m just a regular single dad of a 5-year-old little princess. After having survived several bubbles in several industries, I’ve learned to emerge newly through embracing change, new technologies. Herein, I’m Just sharing some of knowledge I’ve acquired doing my own DDs and many hours of research and following these great YouTubers (YTrs) @YourPoP, @JakeGagain, @ChadReddings, @SteveRocketCry1 @austinahilton

#Robinhood, #Coinbase, #Binance #WebSurferGuy

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!