“Another opportunity for Meko”

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  My name is Robin Walker Grant. I am the mother of Meko Rashad Walker and I’m here to ask the Federal Western District court for another chance for my son. There are some things I would like to share about him. He’s the only son of his father, Willie E.  Brown and I. Meko is a proud father of his only daughter Kimora Dior Walker. He’s also the greatest brother to five sisters: Franshascia, Candiss, Deonka, Kenyannia, and India. He’s very family oriented. 

   One of the reasons why I would like to plea for another chance in life for my son, every mother has a special place in their heart for their son! Meko is a magnificent son an exceptional young man. He beat the odds because there are few young men that graduate from high school. My son graduated from Carroll High School class of 2001. He’s the type that you would love to be around. Meko loves life, he’s respectful to anyone that he meets. Meko has spent a great deal away from his family but even from jail he still managed to give us words of encouragement. I would love to see my son reunite with his daughter which is the apple of his eye.

    Meko has always held a job. My son is a great father, he is the type of child anyone would be proud to call him their son. I’m asking that the courts consider what I’m saying and give him another chance to make it right. Meko loves God and his family. I believe he’s a wonderful person not only because I’m his mother but as a person he will prevail through this. Another chance in life for the great Meko Walker.