Help save lives. Demand Mother and Baby Units in Northern Ireland.

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I am calling for Mother and Baby Unit for Nothern Ireland. Currently, there are NO Mother and Baby Units here. This has to change.

Don't let any more mothers lose their lives in such a tragic way to postpartum psychosis or other serious maternal mental illnesses because of lack of facilities and non-existent training on postpartum psychosis in maternity wards. 

  1. Vital, essential Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) are needed now. Why should any more children be left without a mother? Currently, new mothers are needlessly split apart from their newborn babies. Mothers die and have died from this here in Northern Ireland too. Mother and Baby Units save lives!!!!!
  2. Why should Northern Ireland be any less important than England and Scotland? There are Mother and Baby Units there, why are there none here? 
  3. Health professionals must be trained in postpartum psychosis. According to research by the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, in Belfast, provision falls short of national standards and needs expanding. Elsewhere in Northern Ireland, no specialist team exists. This isn't good enough.

Postpartum psychosis is a 999 medical emergency. 

  • Postpartum psychosis is a severe mental illness which begins suddenly following childbirth. Symptoms include hallucinations and delusions, often with mania, depression or confusion.
  • Over 1400 women experience PP each year in the UK (1 to 2 in every 1000 mothers). 
  • Without treatment, it can cause harm to the mother, baby or both. Mothers die and have died from this here in Northern Ireland too.  
  • If you think yourself or someone you know may be affected do not hesitate to seek help.
  • An episode of postpartum pyschosis can be very frightening for women and their families. Most women go on to make a full recovery, however, the journey to full recovery can be long and difficult. Mother and Baby Units support faster recovery.

Action on Postpartum Psychosis

As a representative here in Northern Ireland for the charity Action on Postpartum Psychosis (APP), I am asking for signatures to help get my voice heard. 

APP is the national charity for women and families affected by postpartum psychosis. APP offers support 365 days a year to mothers and families affected by this very serious illness.

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