Keep Mr. Czerwinski at PHS!

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As most of Plainville High School knows, the seniors' class advisor and science substitute, John Czerwinski, is officially leaving at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Mr. Czerwinski has had a long term substitute position for 3 years now, and the students at Plainville High School want him to stay more than any substitute that has ever walked through the doors. In this short amount of time, Mr. Czerwinski has already made a huge impact on our school climate; showing up to every after school event, running the enviormental club, and even being selected as a judge for this year's Mr. PHS. Without Mr. Czerwinski, people from all grades would be negatively effected, as he has quickly become a rolemodel for all. We hope to get Mr. Czerwinski a full time position at Plainville High so that all students can enjoy his bright smile and ridiculous puns for years to come.