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Robert Syms MP: Get Endometriosis Recognised As A Disability. Raise Awareness For Us.

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As a young lady myself, diagnosed with stage four advanced Endometriosis at the age of 19 turned my world upside down. I have had four major reconstructive surgeries and will have to undergo more throughout my lifetime. I have also been induced into the menopause which lasted 9 months which resulted in me now being a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis as well. I am not the only one. Due to the surgeries I have been left with severe nerve damage and the disease continues to grow and spread. I now have to take Morphine daily to be able to continue with the simplest of things, which at the age of 24 should not be a problem. There is no cure.
Women with Endometriosis have to deal with being in chronic pain daily, it is a myth that we only suffer with our monthly cycles. Endometriosis affects not only our physical health, but our mental health also. We struggle day to day in severe pain, sometimes so debilitating that we cannot even get out of bed or continue with our daily routine. we bleed internally which causes swelling, more pain and the disease to grow, spread and worsen.
It affects and damages not only our reproductive organs, but all other organs within the diaphragm. Rendering some of us infertile.
Day to day myself and women like me struggle with not only our health but to keep up our working lives. Yet, when someone has the amount of problems we all face and needs the time off of work to undergo hospital treatments, employers are less than willing to give us a chance. Some of us are not well enough to work, but without the recognition of the severity of this disease, we have little choice, and little support.
Please help us to make a change and improve our quality of life.

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