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Bring sleeping pods to UCD

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Sleep is a necessity for a healthy student life and in an effort to balance long assignments and essays, countless hours in JJ cramming before the exams and nights out in Coppers and DTwo, sufficient sleep is always the victim and is sacrificed. It is an undeniable fact that nothing can make marathon study sessions better than a power nap, not even several cans of Red Bull or countless coffee vouchers and banana's . The average UCD student spends between 7 and 11 hours in the James Joyce library and studies have shown that 'power naps' 20-30 minutes long are great in terms of boosting alertness and motor skills such as learning.

During the exam period, we students arrive at the library around 7 and camp in till around midnight in order to cram as possible and often have to sacrifice on sleep which affects both Physical and Mental health. It is for this reason that some countries like Japan have legalized 'power naps' since they have a positive impact on the overall student performance and aid in better learning. Several UCD students, due to the accommodation crisis have to travel more than 2 hours on the bus and are further sleep deprived and such students can make use of these sleeping pods in order to recharge their batteries between a 9 am lecture and the 3 pm tutorial.

We propose that these sleeping pods can first be introduced in the James Joyce library and then extended to all the other libraries and in Phase 2 can also be added to the Science Hub, Quinn Building, Sutherland school of law, Engineering building , Health Science building and the Confucius center for Chinese culture so that the most productive members of the UCD student community get access to these. Apart from noise cancellation, these pods should also have an inbuilt Netflix app (for netflix and chill) or Tibetan Music, Healing Music, Relaxation Music, Chakra, Relaxing Music for Stress Relief, ✿2729C ( based on the students preference. For those who don't get a chance to use these pods, the atrium in the Old Student center should facilitate bean bags and  fold able sofa's which can be converted to temporary beds ( duvets and pillows in the SU office) which can faciliate longer hours of sleep.

Sleep is important for Physical and Mental Health and we need to be talking about fitting in sleep into the student life (through power naps) and a SU Sleep week.

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