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Seek JUSTICE for the heinous murder of James Craig Anderson

James Craig Anderson, 49, was savagely beaten and murdered by a group of white teens who yelled racial slurs and bragged about the incident afterwards.  However, of the seven teens reportedly involved, only one has been charged with murder.  Every one of the teens should be charged with murder and hate crimes under Mississippi accessory to murder laws.  Failure to charge those involved sends an unacceptable message that racism and violence are unobjectionable -  in a country that draws its strength from the diversity, tolerance, and compassion of its citizens.

Please sign this petition to seek justice for James Craig Anderson and his grieving family, and to help prevent senseless and destructive hate crimes in the future.

This petition was delivered to:
  • District Attorney, Hinds County DA Office
    Robert Shuler Smith
  • Senior Assistant District Attorney, Hinds County DA Office
    Tom Kesler
  • Senior Assistant District Attorney, Hinds County DA Office
    Scott Rogillio

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