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Save the APPLE Program. Do not eliminate a program helping 100s of kids get an education.

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Today I and 1000s of APPLE (A Place People Learn Excellence) alumni and students received the devastating news that the Mamaroneck High School APPLE program will be "eliminated". For me, and I'm certainly not alone, APPLE was a home away from home and a place I truly learned excellence. Without the APPLE program, I wouldn't have graduated high school. I wouldn't have been able to get into a great college. And I certainly wouldn't be the successful person I am today, without the support of the teacher and APPLE faculty. APPLE has always been a program for disadvantaged youth who mainly have learning disabilities and/or need extra learning support. It has helped 1000's of students over its 50+ years graduate high school against all odds that they were facing and get the best education they can receive. It has 1000s of success stories, like mine, who wouldn't have been possible without its specific curriculum and the support of its staff and family environment. It's truly a shame that in a time where education and empowering youth is most important, this program will be defunded. 1000s of students are angry at the news. What are the students that are already in APPLE supposed to do? That's going to be a difficult transition back to main school. MHS should do everything in their power to keep a program that's helping 100s students who don't have the means to excel without the program. Before APPLE I was told I wouldn't be able to get into a four year college. I wasn't receiving the extra, one-on-one support I needed to excel. APPLE provided me and 1000s of other students the with skills to succeed in college and the real world. I'm truly blessed to have been apart of the program that changed my life and the lives of 1000s of other students for the better. Today, I am four-year college graduate, who's attending another university in the Fall for an M.A.. I'm also a successful business owner and journalist. None of this would have been possible without APPLE. I encourage alumni, parents, and students to sign this petition in hopes that APPLE remains apart of MHS, and to share their success stories and what APPLE has done for them. Every student at MHS deserves an education catered to their needs. They deserve unique educational support and they deserve to excel in an environment they feel comfortable in. Education should not be comprised. Education is a right. Education and the students should be the first priority at MHS.

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