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Justice for Ellie and 5000+ people to sign and pray! #bringelliehome

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On August 18, 2017 my baby was snatched from me by the Clarke County Alabama court system, Honorable Judge Montgomery and put into a home with 2 very dangerous and careless human beings. I'm almost sure my child's father charmed himself into the mind of the GAL, Ms. Alyssa Barrett. I have reason to believe that because 1.My dhr court ordered home study came back beautiful and flawless 2. My testimony and the fathers gave NO EVIDENCE proving me an unfit mother 3. My child's father is known for manipulating almost every female that crosses his path. I have raised my little girl for 5 years (2 of them without him present or any help from him) and have not once had any complaints about how I cared for my children. I also have 2 other children I gave birth to that are in my full care and custody and they are happy with their life and only missing one thing, THEIR SISTER. My oldest is 8 and this has mentally taken a toll on her to the point she has to see a counselor. My baby is in a home with a man that is well known for abusing women and children and has Been to jail for domestic violence on several occasions by several women and been reported to dhr by his own children for the abuse they have endured from him but he has always seemed to wiggle his way through the system with his money and manipulation skills. He is also married to his step daughter which makes the 2nd step daughter he has watched go through life and preyed on them while with their mothers which brings me to an even more serious concern. Not only is the woman he is married to raising her little brother as her step son with him, she has also had both of her birth children raped/molested by men. Her ex husband was convicted (died in prison) of raping her daughter IN THEIR HOME from the age of 10 until 13. She claims she didnt know which is nonsense. Any decent mother would know if her own husband was raping her daughter. Then she allowed her daughters rapist back in the home with her daughter while he was under investigation. Then we go to her son which is now 15 but approximately 3 years ago she had him around her uncle which is a known convicted sex offender already and the boy claimed molestation. While it was being investigated his mother (my child's "step mother" so she says) hooked up with my child's father and when it came time to question the child he was pressured into saying it didn't happen so now that child has to live knowing his mother and step father didn't even care enough to protect him and seek justice for his molestation to protect their own private little life. And the girl is still living knowing her step father was raping her and her mother was too careless and selfish to care. And now MY DAUGHTER is living in this home. Me nor my fiance has ever had run ins concerning our children's well being. He has 2 children by other women and has a wonderful loving relationship with them and an understanding with their mothers that he will see to taking care of themthe financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have had one speeding ticket my whole life and that's about the worst thing that could be brought up on me. I have visitation to my daughter and rights to all of her health and school records and I travel 120 miles one way which is 480 miles for one visit to get her every other weekend and holidays and I have not missed a visit since August. They are making it as hard on me as possible to keep a good relationship with my baby by denying me information to public events she attends, doing things like getting her ears pierced without even informing or inviting me to be involved, not letting me get any extra hours nor days with her like the court order awarded me, lying to me about prices of events (beauty pageants) and demanding half of what they CLAIM it costs for her to attend in order for me to get information out of them, telling my baby I am stupid and that if she cries when she leaves me she will not be allowed to participate in fun activities at home, telling her to cry when it's time to see me, and drinking beer excessively and telling her it is Gatorade when the court order states neither parent should be under the influence of drugs nor alcohol while the child is ina their care, and that is just a PIECE of the evil they are putting out into this world. My baby told me "mommy it's like a bunch of bad dreams. I wake up and I'm at your house and then I go back to sleep and wake up and remember I'm back at my daddy's for a long time so I just cry and pray by myself every time I think about you" words from a 5 year old little girl that misses her mommy, step daddy, and siblings and is just ready to be back home. I don't tell her but I pray every day that God protects her from enduring what she did as a baby in that house and also from going through anything similar to what their other children have had to experience. Please pray for our family and share and sign and pray some more. And also please go to "bring ellie home" and like and share our page and keep up with ourmy story until justice is served. I am a very hurt and angry soul right now so I can't guarantee I won't put some hateful things out there but I promise it is all facts that can and wilI be proven. For more details do not hesitate to ask questions. I am an open and honest person and just want my little girl HOME WHERE SHE BELONGS!!!!!! EDIT: I'd like to state that I've done some research and according to homefacts and other sex offender sites, the already convcited sex offender appears to have been convicted on the sexual assault 2nd in 2017 so it's a fact. Not hear say.

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