MANDATORY CPR/First Aid Certification for educators to ensure students safety in school!

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Making it MANDATORY for our educators to be CPR/First Aid Certified in the classroom in order to ensure the safety of our students.

At 13 years old, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and a fear that defined me during my high school career, was having epilepsy one day take my life due to hitting my head while convulsing. 

I have had three seizures during my high school career and unfortunately, my educators did not know the proper precautions to take in order to ensure my safety. One time, a teacher even yelled "Don't touch her!" which is the very last thing you should do. Student's with epilepsy need someone to protect their head while they're having a seizure and to time the seizure as well, plus a few more steps to protect them which our teachers would learn during CPR/First Aid certification. The schools protocol was to alert the nurse. By the time the nurse came to the classroom, the damage was done. I was held back physically and scholastically due to head injuries. IF my educators knew the proper precautions, they would have felt less fearful and ensured my safety. 

With making it mandatory for our educators to be CPR/First Aid Certified in the classroom, it not only ensures the safety of those with epilepsy, but those with diabetes, allergies, asthma, heart conditions and any other health condition that could arise during school hours. There were high possibilities where if I hit my head hard enough due to no teacher knowing what to do in that particular moment, it could have resulted in a brain bleed that then, would have taken my life.

I was blessed with amazing educators and it was not their fault for not being trained in this area, but that is why I am here today urging you to support the health legislation I want to pass not only in New Jersey, but nation-wide.

I have gone to the Board of Education of my school district to use my story as a catalyst for change, but now I need your help. It's time we ensure our students safety and combat our students fears of having their health condition take the opportunity to excel in school or their education as a whole, away.

For the sake of our students and their safety and education, please sign this petition to make our schools a safe haven for all students, especially those with health conditions.


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