Federally Required Psychological Screenings for Police Employment and Federal Reforms

This has been true well before the death of people like george floyd or Trayvon Martin, and we need better training if they still dont know how to handle a stressful situation. they are already trained with what regulations and policies and behaviors to use in wat situations, If they actually know the information, the right decision easily comes first nature... so the lack of training is extremely apparent when so many people of all colors are getting shot and killed by police. We need the police. But we need to not take soldiers who are trained to kill and then try to turn them into police and expect them to be peaceful after the stressful situation they just came from as a soldier. It makes no sense yo allow a soldier to become a civilian police officer. I know those two words seem contradictory, but it makes sense!

Lindsey Hiebsch, drexel hill, PA, United States
3 months ago
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