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Ban the sale of plastic back fridge/freezers fire service have advised against them.

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After years of being warned by the fire service about the dangers of plastic backing on the back of fridge/freezers and this being one of the issues at grenfell tower and many more home fires up and down the country. These types of fridge/freezers fail the fire brigade safety tests. The difference is with a metal sheet backing fridge/freezer, is that if a fire starts inside the fridge/freezer's mechanics the metal backing can contain the fire inside the metal shell. However, a plastic backing will only assist the fire to become much larger when the plastics burn. As I have a family, home safety is paramount so my partner and I decided to purchase a new fridge with a metal backing even though we couldn't really afford it but this was too important to leave until I had spare cash as it would never get replaced. Unfortunately,  these are still being sold in High Street and other Major  brand stores, you can purchase a fridge/freezer with a metal backing but you'll be pushed to find one at a reasonable price. If you find one this will set you back approximately £400+ for a small single fridge/freezer. Even the sales teams know they are a fire hazard and agree. So again if someone with little money like myself wants a fridge/freezer they will be pushed into buying a fire hazard type fridge. It should be illegal to sell anyone these types of fridge/freezers with a plastic backing. 

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