AMC TV & Walking Dead creators & producers: Fans want a prequel series for The Governor

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Season 3 of the AMC TV series The Walking Dead introduced us to the town of Woodbury and it's leader, the Governor (Philip Blake).  Played by actor, David Morrissey, the Governor quickly became a popular character in the series-a villain that fans loved to hate.

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and author Jay Bonansinga told the story of the Governor in a trilogy of well-written and well-received novels, beginning with The Rise of the Governor, and continuing with The Road to Woodbury and The Fall of the Governor.

The Governor was killed in Season 4 of The Walking Dead, but has continued to be a fan favorite due to the rich and complicated writing of the character, and to David Morrissey's multi-layered portrayal.

Many fans of The Walking Dead have expressed interest in a prequel series starring the Governor and based on the novels telling his story.  Actor David Morrissey has spoken of his love of playing the character and expressed interest in portraying him again.

Join us in letting AMC TV, along with the creators and producers of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, know that there is a big audience out here for a prequel series starring David Morrissey as the Governor.

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