Keep the 4 Pitch Intentional Walk in the MLB

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On Tuesday, February 21st 2017 reports began to surface that the MLB, along with the MLBPA have agreed to a rule change that would allow managers to signal to the umpire that they would like to intentionally walk the current batter. Once signaled, the batter would be credited with the international walk, and would take first base. 

This signal prevents the current pitcher from throwing the ball in what can be high stress situations.


The intentional walk has been a staple of baseball, and is a key part of the culture of baseball. 


It creates unique opportunities for both the players and fans that will not always happen. Over the past few years, there have been pitchers who have thrown the ball away during intentional walks, and batters who have reached out to get hits. 


By replacing this little part of baseball, the culture of these situations changes, and they are simply not possible. 


We the fans, are asking commissioner Manfred, and all of MLB to reconsider this rule change not only for the players, but for the enjoyment of the fans. 

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