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1,000 and counting - Thank you

Thank you for signing our petition. If we can change the Government’s mind about this formula then people across the country will be grateful for what you have done.   This isn’t just a local issue though. If nothing is done then on October 2nd communities across England will wake up to a mandated increase to their house building target of thirty, fifty or over one hundred percent.   So, unfortunately, we need to ask you to share this petition with everyone you can. Friends, neighbours, colleagues and family, including those in other parts of England. Only with communities from across the country engaging in this and other action can we hope to change the Government’s mind on this latest “one-size-fits-all” disaster.   We are talking to local MPs and asking for their support moving forwards and working with other councils to share this message as well. Everything that can be done to engage other MPs or councils from across England would be hugely appreciated.  We have more action planned to fight this Developer’s Charter. Our new website contains lots more information about what we are trying to achieve, along with the facts on house building targets for communities across the country, and template letters to your MP which can be emailed or simply printed, signed and posted to your elected representative in Parliament and to the Minister for Housing.  Please help us fight and protect our towns by encouraging your friends, colleagues and family to sign and share. 

John Halsall
2 years ago