A Vision for the Students of UISD

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For too long students have been failed by their schools justice systems. To end the cycle of ignorance and negligence that many victims are forced to face, we must come together as a community to show our schools and our leaders that we are not satisfied with the procedures that are taken when a voice is begging to be heard. It begins here, within the schools in Laredo, Texas, that we can unite and offer better ideas that discuss the social issues we experience. It is wrong when students feel misrepresented and refuse to report the problems they face because they fear the reluctance of their educators and administrators. This petition will be sent to the superintendent of UISD, urging him to review the procedures that are set in place when a student reports an incident of violence or abuse like sexual assault, necessitate school workshops and meetings that discuss all types of violence, incorporate programs that teach educators and administrators how to effectively connect with students on these issues while suppressing personal beliefs, and approve the formation of school organizations (created by students) that educate students about abuse, harassment, and violence, as well as who to reach and what to expect in the case that they experience any sort of abuse. Students have been silenced for too long, and its time we recognize these discussions should not be taboo — new environments in which it is okay to trust our peers and those we consider to be our leaders have the potential to emerge when we are open about these issues. The power is in the hands of the students themselves. It’s time we start using it.