Save the Sahakar Nagar - Sinhagad road construction.

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We all know what road I am talking about. It's the same road which has been criticized by most of the colony members and this has hindered it's construction. These people created their very own special 'group' or rather a cult. They conduct some group discussions in which they force people to sign petitions against the road construction, having absolutely no regards for a person's personal opinion.

AsAs for the wildlife, the birds and animals are nowhere to be seen in the areas except the very core of the forest. The core is rich in fauna because of it's poor connection to the oxygen park, and therefore little to no human interaction. There are more than enough hills in our city for the morning walkers. There are people who live near highways and they are more than just surviving.

Think about the people who have to travel everyday from one corner of the city to the other, the students who have to rely on the unpedictable pubic transport just to go to their schools, the amount of traffic that will be redirected which will lessen the concentration and hence the burden for the traffic police. If the road is going to be of greater benefit to the punites then surely we can be the grown up and make this sacrifice. 

The rest I leave on your fine sense of judgement.