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From the graduating class of 2020, we ask that during these uncertain and unprecedented times from those that have the power to make change to listen to their students who have poured their soul into their practices over the last 4 years. Obviously with COVID-19 in mind, a degree show that is physical is what we feel we deserve, despite the unparalleled levels of constraints we have been subjected to.

We urge those at the top to include our voice in wider discourse relating to our own PHYSICAL degree show that we so rightfully deserve. The online submission replacing the degree show only seems to show the side of the university that cares about their own gain rather than the opportunities they provide for graduating students.

Most of us have studied here for at least 4 years, paying our studio fund and some of us in student debt to earn our degree at the end of it. We feel an online submission replacing our degree show does not suit us and certainly does not represent us and the work load we have all generated, in the right way. We are devastated at the prospect of a virtual/online degree show as a lot of our practices rely on responding to a space that virtual reality and online may not suit. This petition is aimed to clarify and verify that a physical degree show will take place at a later date, the same as previous years and years to follow. Our voice should be paramount in the conversations leading to decision making on something we have put many years of passion and dedication as well as money to make this happen. All we ask is for the university to be on our side.