Stop people getting their childrens ears pierced.

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This is an issue close to my heart and one that i do not comprehend.

Why are we allowed to take our children to have their ears pierced at an age where they cant possibly understand the consequences? I would like to see this changed.

My reasons are clear and numerous.

The thoughts that must go through a childs mind as their parent and protector places them in the chair and lets someone physically hurt them are beyond me.

The rate of infection is highly increased as is the occurence of concealment (where the skin grows over), leading to minor surgeries. 

A child is unable to make long term decisions, the very same reason we dont allow them to have tattoos.

I hereby suggest making it illegal to pierce any body part of someone who is under 18. I suggest this age because: 1. It is the same as other body modification laws and 2. If, at 18 your child still wants a piercing, they are far less likely to regret it.

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