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Brighton & Hove Social Services Performance Report and Claims

Autistic Parent
United Kingdom

Nov 18, 2016 — Dear Supporters,

how are Brighton & Hove performing in the child protection field?
(apologies this is a cached version, but otherwise it's a downloaded PDF) (2014 figures)

➡ "The rate of children subject of a child protection plan per 10,000 children is 56.9, above the 2013 national average (37.9) and the statistical neighbour average (43.9)."

➡ "The LAC rate per 10,000 is 92.7, above the March 2013 national average (60 per 10,000) and the average for our statistical neighbours (70 per 10,000)."

"Brighton & Hove has high rates of children with child protection plans (and children in care). In order to understand this it is important to consider where the city lies in relation to deprivation and other key determinants of children in need identified as: 

- Substance misuse (drugs and alcohol misuse)
- Domestic violence
- Parental mental health and
- Parental learning disability"

...well, this family has NONE of those things but are still being investigated unlawfully under a S47!

➡ "Brighton & Hove is working hard to achieve the Children’s Service aspiration that: We want to ensure that all of our children and young people have the best possible start in life, so that they grow up happy, healthy and safe with the opportunity to fulfill their own potential."

So why are they targeting an innocent family and causing the entire family trauma?

Have a look at their "Business Plan Target" (it's a BUSINESS to them!) ...not once is honesty and getting it right mentioned. They also state they have targets for CAFs.

➡ "Performance over the last year around repeat child protection plans for children has been of concern after previous years of improvement."

Some may genuinely need such plans, but autism families are notoriously targeted for repeat interference from social services for wrongful reasons.

➡ "A child protection pilot has recently taken place to look at how we support children and young people with disabilities to understand this process and ensure that they are consulted and their views are heard."

Really? So why are our children being forced to see SWs against their will which they have put in writing – under an unlawful S47 process?

➡ "On the whole S47 enquiries are judged to be good overall. In all cases the reasons behind the decision for a s47 enquiry (including identification of risk) are clearly set out in the single assessment. The involvement of the child/young person in the process is judged to be good in the majority of cases and there is evidence of appropriate consultation with other agencies about the enquiry. Thresholds for intervention are applied appropriately in all cases and decision making & outcomes are explained appropriately, in sufficient detail and are evidence based."

In our family's case, this above statement is a complete mockery and does not apply at all. Consultation with 'other agencies' has been entirely inappropriate and in no way evidence-based. You see, Ofsted inspections will be assuming that what they read on social services files is honest and correct. When it's not – none of the above applies.

➡ "Full consideration to be given by workers to the child’s cultural, religious, language, disability and ethnicity within assessment and planning processes. Heads of Service to work with frontline managers to ensure that this issue is adequately addressed in social work assessment and interventions."

Well in our case, no disability understanding has been demonstrated and and therefore is not adequately addressed.

➡ "ACAS seek feedback from parents/carers at both the start and the conclusion of an assessment"

Oops – we have not been asked for feedback at ANY stage!

What do children think:

➡ "In 21% of cases the young person did not accept the decision but took no further action but in 7% (one case) the young person did not accept the decision and made a complaint. In 7% (one case) the young person was awaiting the outcome."

Even one child knowing a social services decision is wrong, is one too many.

They have a "The Value for Money programme" ...well, I have already posted an update about the vast waste of public tax payers money on this unwarranted process.

Thank you for reading, friends.

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