Keep the name Robert E. Lee High School

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Phil White
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We, the undersigned, believe that Robert E, Lee High School should retain its present name.  Our reasons:

(1)  We believe that Robert E. Lee was an honorable man, an abolitionist, a patriot that only fought on the side of the Confederacy because he refused to take up arms against his native state Virginia.  His military record prior to the Civil War alone would more than make him worthy of the honor of having schools named in his honor. 

(2)  Generations of Robert E. Lee High School graduates have accomplishments and honors linked to the school - all of which would be erased and forgotten if the school got a new name.

(3)  There are graduates that use their high school graduation as a reference for potential employment - based on the excellent education they have received.  They deserve better than to have "no such school found" on background checks by potential employers.

(4)  The name change is nothing more than mis-guided white guilt that will do nothing in broad scheme of racial relations in this country.  We do not believe that re-naming the school after a divisive leftist will do anything to improve race relations.   In fact, the backlash it creates may do more harm than good.

We oppose any name change for Robert E. Lee High School.