Keep Lower Merion School District in Current Remote Schedule

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As you all know, the Lower Merion School Board has decided to return to the hybrid learning model on December 7th. This petition is intended to represent families with children in high school, who have thus far succeeded in learning remotely.

Just yesterday, 609 new coronavirus cases were reported within Montgomery County, and with many local hospitals at capacity, returning to the school building seems unwise. As if that doesn't speak for itself, at least two LMSD bus drivers have reportedly passed away due to the coronavirus, and another support staff member has been placed on a ventilator. 

Every LMSD student that attends school on Monday places not only their family, but every teacher, faculty and transportation member at unnecessary risk for COVID-19. 

How is it possible that the school board and our Superintendent can support a return to school when this county, state and nation is in the midst of this current crisis?

How to take action:

Email the Lower Merion School District Superintendent, Robert Copeland, with the following message...

Hello Superintendent Copeland,

My name is *insert name*, and I am a *student/parent of a student* attending *insert LMSD school*. I am outraged and disappointed with LMSD's decision on December 2nd to return to the hybrid learning model. Given the surge of COVID-19 cases across the state including Montgomery County, I implore the school board to reevaluate its decision. Returning to a hybrid model puts every student, teacher, administrative/support staff, and transportation workers at an unnecessary risk. The decision to return at this time, while Montgomery County hospitals are at near-capacity levels, seems short-sighted and risky. 

I respectfully but strongly encourage you and the Lower Merion Board of Education to reconsider returning to the hybrid learning model on December 7th, 2020.

*Insert name*