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Marijuana has all types of different names
Just like it has all types of different uses
Marijuana can be categorized in 2 sections

Medicinal, and Industrial

Medicinal refers to the use of THC and CBD (I will get into those a bit more) for medical purposes

Industrial refers to the genetically distinct version of Cannabis Sativa L, known as Hemp, and using its purposes for materials of sorts

Allow me to elaborate on those topics, let us start with industrial.


Hemp has many many uses, people have used it in the past to make over 25,000 different products, ranging from lotion, to houses, to textiles, to food

Knowing that , we can consider a problem that we are having in the United States. Numerous people can agree with me that gas prices can be very high, and that is because gas is a non-renewable resource and the earth is slowly running out of it, the more rare an item is, the pricier it is. So with that in mind, Marijuana has a solution, Marijuana can be used as fuel (Hemp Fuel) which could be a renewable resource and the prices could drop for gas and not only that, we are not taking away from the earth’s limited resources.

I have also mentioned before that Hemp can be used to make houses.

Before I get into that I want to state something.

Normal trees that are being used take around 20 years to grow, in fact, we are cutting down our forests 3x faster than we can grow them.
Where as Hemp takes only 4 months to grow, so we can grow a lot more plants in a shorter amount of time.
On top of that, it can be stronger than steel. (almost up to 10x stronger) If we make it Biodegradable (which we can) we could potentially use it to also make vehicles.
So with all that in mind, using Hemp, we could create plenty and plenty of shelters for our homeless Citizens, Veterans, Etc.

And not only will they have shelters, but we could create food with the Hemp so they can also have an abundance of food

And just to clarify, Hemp has little to no THC (approximately 1%) so in almost no way can someone get high off of it

The other use for Marijuana is the medical use, where it is used as a medicine.

The 2 major chemical compounds in Marijuana are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD)

They both can be used for the same thing, but the 2 differentiate in certain aspects of their use and effects

First off, THC, this is the main chemical compound in Marijuana
When ingested, either by smoking it, eating it, drinking it, etc. it created a “high” depending on the potency

When you get high,  you see the world in a whole new perspective, that is because endorphins are released creating a feeling of relaxation and euphoria

That is one reason as to why people use it

People suffer from depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses, and THC creates a very euphoric feeling that counteracts those

Not only is it used as a mental stimulation, but it can also be used as a body stimulation

THC can stimulate and relax the muscles in your body to cause a great feeling of relaxation

Also because of the high it produces, THC can be used for recreational purposes, for it gives a great feeling of euphoria, it can be great for socializing, connecting with nature, and just relaxing

Let me mention, that there are 2 different type of strains that work better with whatever you need

There is Sativa, which can be identified by their longer, thinner leaves, this produces the more cerebral high, used for mental illnesses

Than there is Indica, which can be identified by their shorter, stocky leaves, this produces the more body high, which is used for physical illnesses

You may also cross breed the 2 and create a hybrid, which can basically be used for just about anything at all

Next, there is CBD (Cannabidiol), this is the lesser compound in Marijuana and is usually created in a form that is ingested in ways other than smoking, as in oil that you drink, or food, or maybe lotion of some sorts

But CBD is basically only used for medical purposes for it doesn’t create a “high” because it isn’t psychoactive at all

But the medical properties are greater than THC, it can cure illnesses a lot better

So for in simple terms, THC is used for a more recreational/euphoric feeling

And CBD is used just for medical reasons

But in certain cases THC can be a better medicine BECAUSE of the “high” that it produces

Marijuana can be used to treat plenty of diseases ranging from mood and anxiety disorders, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease, Neuropathic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injury, Cancer, Atherosclerosis, Myocardial Infraction, Stroke, Hypertension, Glaucoma, Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome and Osteoporosis, just to name a few

Marijuana is literally less toxic than Aspirin

And less addictive than coffee

It is also 114x safer than alcohol

Nearly 88,000 people die annually from alcohol related causes

Where on the other hand (Even after Marijuana has been used for over 4,000 years)

Not a single death by Marijuana has been reported

So yeah there’s alcohol, alcohol is pretty dangerous, but there is one other thing that is even worse, and that is cigarettes.

Annually, around 443,000 people die from cigarettes, that’s nearly 5x more than alcohol

Cigarettes are also highly addictive and that’s one main reason why they are a danger, it is highly possible that 1 puff from a cigarette can turn someone into an addict. And the harmful effects of cigarettes are just awful, massive tar build up, blood flow is reduced, body temperature gets reduced, and increases heart rate. For the people who might look at increased heart rate as a benefit, just remember that your heart beats only a certain amount of times in your life, so the increased heart rate literally means that you will die sooner.

On average, people who smoke have a reduced life expectancy of seven to eight years (around 7 to 11 minutes per cigarette)

Cigarettes are also very expensive, let me explain something.

On average 1 box of cigarettes cost around $6, so imagine buying 1 pack per day that’s $6 everyday which adds up to $42 per week and up to $2,190 per year. In case you don’t know, that’s a lot of money for the average person.

Whereas on the other hand, Marijuana costs around $15 per gram, which is pretty pricy, but keep in mind that it is only like that for numerous reasons, here are 2 main reasons.

Marijuana is illegal, so the cost must go up because the risk of being caught with it is somewhat high, so people want to be able to get a reward for it.
The process of distribution, for Marijuana to be sold it goes through a process, which is as the following. First it must be grown, which takes about 4 months of proper treatment and care, it is than dried and cured, and then it must be trimmed, and finally it is distributed.
Now, like Bill Nye says “Consider the Following”, if Marijuana becomes legal people would be able to grow it themselves, so that can help numerous people in numerous ways, allow me to elaborate on that.

Marijuana becomes legal, so people can grow it themselves, so then they won’t have to spend any money on it, only the money that is required for the supplies to grow it, which isn’t, you can grow numerous plants with only $50 worth of supplies, and those supplies can be reused over and over. Now let’s say you are unable to grow it for whatever reason, you could buy it from someone who grows it for a significantly reduced price, possibly $1 per gram or less.

One major thing that would be good if Marijuana is legal is, the amount of crime would be dropped, because a lot of crime these days are based around the possession/distribution of Marijuana. Countless people go to jail or get fines for Marijuana when they didn’t even do anything wrong, all they were trying to do was make someone happy.

Imagine this, someone has a sickness and been taking pills for it, but the pills don’t work and/or make their sickness worse, but the only thing that works is Marijuana, so they go on to buy it and use it. Now that person is probably in their car smoking, being happy, not causing any trouble or anything, and slowly being cured of their sickness. A police officer notices the car is smoky so he investigates, he approaches the car and asks the person to roll the window down, so the person cooperates and rolls the window down, and long story short they get caught with the possession of Marijuana. Now that person who did nothing wrong either has jail time or a big fine.

Do you see the point I’m trying to make?

Countless people get in trouble for the possession/distribution of Marijuana, even when they do nothing wrong.

One other thing that will be good, is “drug dealers” will go out of business, and those people will resort to needing actual jobs, so unemployment rates will drop.

“Marijuana has so many benefits, so why is it still illegal” you might be asking. Well the answer to that is fairly simple.


I’ve told you about Alcohol and Cigarettes, those are legal, but i didn’t mention why. It’s because of the money they are bringing in and giving to the government, let me start off with Alcohol. So many people use alcohol for so many reasons, imagine a party, what’s one of the first things you might bring to a party, alcohol. You are having a rough day, what might you drink to ease the pain, alcohol. You want to have a celebration, what might you drink, alcohol. Alcohol brings in tons of money, and the only reason it is legal is because they are giving part of that money to the Government.

It is basically the same deal with cigarettes, but worse. I’ve explained that someone can spend up to $2,190 per year on cigarettes, now i hope you realize they’re is around 36,500,000 adults in America who smoke, so that means that on average, cigarette companies gain around $79,935,000,000 annually.

Now with taxes, on average, the government gains around $15,500,000,000 every year.

That is insane.

So right there proves that the government cares about money more than the health of their citizens.

We the people have to do something about this, people are dying because Marijuana is illegal, so many people can benefit from Marijuana, yet it stays illegal. We need to do something to stop the legalization of cigarettes and start the legalization of Marijuana.

If we get enough people to join in we can legalize Marijuana, please think about all the people who could benefit from it, think about all good things it can do for yourself, and just think about how much better the world could become if it was legal everywhere.

Together we can do this, you just need to be willing to try hard enough.

I for one will not stop trying until it is finally legal.

Are you with me?

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