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Has someone ever made you so happy that without them you feel incomplete? Has someone ever been taken away from you and there was absolutely nothing that you could do about it? My name is Taionna Williams and I live in Philadelphia PA when I was 1 years old my father was taken away from me and my family and put into prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. He was sentenced to life in jail and I felt like my life was over. My father is the one person that has always been there for me regardless of the circumstances. He motivates me, and always makes sure that I am on the correct path to being successful .As I got older and older I started to realize it was chance he would be in jail for the rest of my life.I began to lose hope.My father has been in prison for 15 years of my life. These 15 years have been so hard growing up without him.I'm 16 years old right now and I feel like I barely know my father.I have a relationship with him but its not as strong as I wish it would be. only memory I have is of him in that dark orange or brown jail suit.My father would always tell my older sister about how he payed a lot of money for a Lawyer that convinced him to make a horrible decision and admit to committing  this horrible crime. The lawyer talked him into signing a plea deal leaving him with zero options. My father was 19 years old when this happen so he wasn't really aware of the drastic decision that he was making. At first, the police had plenty eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen my father murder this person but now they admit to lying on the stand. They say that they felt pressured and some were also promised different things for their false statement.  My father was afraid that if he didn't sign the plea he would be placed on death row without ever seeing his family ever again because that’s what the lawyer told him. My father told me that the police told him that they knew that he didn’t commit this crime but that he would take the blame for it because they wanted him to testify against a man who name me and my family rather not say because of how dangerous he is and my father wants to keep his family safe.Today I'm asking everybody who is reading this ,to sign this petition so we can at least get my dad case some type of attention.Our goal is to get his case back on trial asap.



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Sincerely, The Williams Family

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