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Get enough buses to get students where we need to go

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I don't think anyone is happy with the state of the bus system. Especially during peak hours, it can be over half an hour before a bus appears that's got enough room for the people waiting. Sure we could try and get to the bus stops 45 minutes early each time, but the point is that we shouldn't have to.

To another point, the lack of buses is extremely unsafe. Our current buses are constantly filled to and above capacity and it's practically impossible to get a good hold onto anything. Sudden stops and sharp turns leave us hurting ourselves just to avoid being flung.

Lastly, we'd probably prefer not to freeze outside waiting for a bus and the temperatures are already dropping. The safety issue will become even more apparent in the coming months.

Edit 1: This is definitely not a new problem. Apparently one of our buses started smoking too? A few things have also come to my attention:

1. The town sets a limit for the number of buses and

2. Simply getting more may not be the ultimate solution. While the title of this petition is asking for more buses, what we need is a transportation system that can handle the needs of the students, whether that means more buses or something else.

Edit 2: So we've passed 1000 signatures, I think that's got to stand for something?

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