Move the Due Date of The Witness To A Revolution Assignment to December 14th

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We have arguably the most pressing and important issue on our hands. Our history class has not had enough time to finish The Witness to a Revolution project. This will affect the class because many of the students want to get into university, and our history grades are holding us back. Not only does this affect us, it affects you Mr. Ballantyne. A low course average doesn't look good to the admin.

The solution is simple. The class asks you, no, begs you to move the due date to Friday. Not only will this provide adequate time for the students to finish their assignments, but it will greatly reduce our stress. It is scientifically proven that a stressful life leads to an earlier death.

Personal story
Hi, my name is Riley, a.k.a lanky albino. I started this petition because the class requests more time to complete the assignment.