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A recently proposed Amendment seeks to change the Development Plan of Robe. This proposal seeks to rezone approximately 3.2 hectares of privately owned land on the corner of Davenport Street and Evans Cave Road. This land has always been a Coastal Conservation Zone and the proposal seeks to change this to Industry Zone.

Coastal Conservation land is fragile! These delicate ecosystems not only provide habitat for native plants and animals but protect our township from the impacts of climate change and coastal water intrusion. Robe's wild spaces are disappearing from short sighted and economically driven development. Yet for many, Robe's natural beauty and coastal assets are the sole reason for their residency or visitation. How is Robe expected to maintain its natural and coastal setting when these wild spaces are all gone?

This Development Amendment is open for public comment. If you would like to voice your concerns about this issue please either email Robe Council at or write to Chief Executive, District Council of Robe, PO Box 1 ROBE SA 5276.

If you wish to read the Development Amendment Plan please visit the council website at:

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