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Keep creative programs for PLMS and other Washington schools!

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Recently, the school district of Issaquah, Washington voted on the rebuilding of one of their oldest schools, Pine Lake. (Which I am currently attending.) Which will cost around $533.5M to build according to the official Issaquah school district website. It wasn't the price tag for the new school that struck me as preposterous, rather the fact that the price of this new school would not include many of the creative programs available as electives to students like myself. The other option is playing an instrument or singing in choir. Neither appealed to me, so I chose electives. (I still stand with the decision of doing so.) So when I learned that they may be doing away with most electives available, I was both surprised and appalled. It may be my last year at Pine Lake, but I have a younger sister at Sunny Hills who, next year, will be going to Pine Lake. In my first and second year there I went home saying how much I loved all of the choices and electives. I also remember telling my sister that she NEEDED to do electives. One of my absolute favorite electives HANDS DOWN was cooking. I absolutely love cooking! (I'm still in it and it is my third year doing so.) To be completely honest I'm not sure which creative programs they are cutting, I only have confirmed one. (Which is one more than there should be.) Against my luck, the program they are cutting is in fact, cooking. When I learned this I was concerned, annoyed, and upset. I immediately asked the cooking teacher, Mrs. Oseran what I could do to save the program and she gave me the Email of the superintendent Ron Thiele. This was at the end of my seventh-grade year. I never did so, as I am very forgetful. (As I was typing this, I realized the way I worded why I didn't Email the superintendent sounds like an excuse. I would like to inform anyone thinking the way I did that is the exact opposite.) As soon as I took a look at my schedule and saw my fifth period class I immediately felt remorse for forgetting about it. So, before I know I have absolutely no chance to make a dent in the idea of keeping cooking in Pine Lake, heck, the Issaquah school district, I want to throw my hat in the ring and fight to keep the program for not only my sister, but her friends, even people I don't know! Before I go, I would like to put the point out there that you need to eat every day, and cooking is not a common core class. I will link some articles supporting my cause below. 

Lastly, to sum up why I am making my decision to petition against the school board's idea to cut cooking and creative programs and possibly get into trouble doing so, I deeply care about this. I believe it's an issue most people look over or turn a blind eye to. The thing is, it's a real issue. Schools slowly taking away creative aspects from school (A place where children are shaped into life!
) completely erases individuality from the next generation of people. So, I may only be a young teenager, but that doesn't mean I can't make a difference. Even one as small as this. Finally, I'm not doing this for me I'm doing this so anyone who is attending Pine Lake or will attend Pine Lake will be able to mold their own future into how they want it to be.

Think about it.

Sincerely, Sophia H.


A essay I wrote on the subject:

(Does not work for those outside of the Issaquah school district.)

Executive Director of Middle Schools, Dr. Josh Almy, oversees the Department of Middle School Education and can be contacted at or (425) 837-7023.

(Quoted from their website: )

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