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We appeal to your office to put into place measurable processes and include parents in ensuring that vulnerable children are protected and in a safe environment.

On 20th February 2019 a mother took the drastic measure of obtaining a recording device for the purpose of recording evidence of verbal and emotional abuse in a Western Sydney school for specific purposes.  This measure was only taken after speaking to both the deputy principal & classroom teacher on two separate occasions.  Both times the mother was reassured that her child was ‘happy & safe’ at school. Yet behavioral changes in the child exhibit conflicting troubling signs and suggests the opposite. This has caused severe mental issues, emotional pain and distress to the family which has triggered serious concern over the possibility that the child would have endured further, irreversibly damaging trust in the school system.

The incident was captured via a recording device as the abuse could not be articulated by the non-verbal child. The recording contains horrific sounds of this child's distress and a lengthy recording of her educator and SLSO’s obvious disdain of her feelings and pain.

We fear that the ongoing impact of this traumatic experience to a 5-year-old child could happen to other vulnerable non-verbal children. We call for stricter monitoring and surveillance in classrooms that will hold educators more accountable, make internal investigations substantiated and not just biased to teachers at the expense of the child. 

Whilst we appreciate the steps taken in the reported incident thus far, we demand that the classroom teacher and aide’s license to work with children be revoked.  This is critical so that no children or families will be subjected to further abuse. We refuse the possibility of these teachers being retrained and allowed back into a classroom environment again. We also object to the idea of them being retrained to work in the community with children. Ultimately, we request your assistance in ensuring that justice is served.

The aim of this petition is to give a voice to those who can't necessarily speak for themselves. We, the parents of children with disabilities, have been forced to confront the fact that our children are more vulnerable to abuse, misconduct, and mishandling in school settings. Ultimately, we call for broader reform, to one day have equal access to inclusive education and create a belonging community that brings us together.

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