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Say Yes to the Year One Phonics Screening Check


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Say Yes to the Phonics Screening Check

Specific Learning Difficulties affect 10% of the population. Three children in every classroom of 30 will struggle with literacy.  

To ensure ALL children learn to read we need all states in Australia to #SayYesToThePhonicsCheck 

More than 50 public schools in South Australia are trialling the new phonics check, which screens a child’s ability to identify the sounds that form words.

The phonics screener is a simple check: 

  • based on the UK version introduced in 2012 in ALL schools
  • designed to help teachers easily identify children at risk
  • identifies children who aren’t sounding out (decoding) words well

Review the evidence and SAY YES to the #PHONICSCHECK

A simple, five-minute Phonics Screening Check could identify all of Australia’s school children who are at serious risk of struggling with reading skills. 

Read about why Australia should adopt the year 1 phonics screening check

Speech Pathologist Alison Clarke explains why the new phonics check will help teachers see who’s guessing, not decoding.

Read more from the experts Professor Pamela Snow, Anne Castles, Max Coltheart and Kevin Wheldall. 

Say Yes to the Phonics Check by signing our petition so no child is left behind.

‪The phonics check will identify kids at risk and ensure early intervention.

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    Sue Ellery
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    Yvette Berry
  • Minister for Education QLD
    Kate Jones

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