Stop the EPA's budget from getting cut

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Donald Trump's Budget Slashes Funds for E.P.A.. Some of the environmental topics the PEA works on are air, water and waste. Under the clean air act(CAA), the EPA sets limits on air pollutants, so we don't breath in yucky stuff from chemical plant and other places. The EPA currently keeps the air clean, but without the money for enforcement it might not be able to keep the air clean. Water may be the most important topic the EPA deals with because they make sure the water we drink everyday is clean. The clean water act(CWA) regulates discharging of pollutants into the waters of the US. By not regulating what goes into our water, can endanger wildlife, and make our drinking water unsafe. Another way the EPA protects us is by the resource conservation and recovery act(RCRA). This reduces waste and helps clean harmful substances that pollute the land we like on. It also conserves energy and natural resources by recycling. The EPA also helps with natural disasters such as hurricanes or forest fires. The EPA is a critical governmental agency that our country needs to keep to keep us and our environment safe. Hopefully this petition will inform congress members that the EPA can not afford to be cut.