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Stop regulations on Stem Cell Treatment

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Stop FDA from regulating Stem Cell Treatments 

Patients should have the choice to use their own body , their own stem cells to treat their pain, chronic conditions and their disease

So far the Food and Drug Administration has not aggressively regulated stem cell clinics. The reason is the stem cells being used typically come from the patient's own body — an autologous transplant. And the clinics don't process the cells much before injecting them.

Patients should have access to their own body tissue.
So what’s the future of stem cells? I personally don’t know. 

If anything , the FDA and all government should be helping all people have access to Prp and Stem Cell treatments. Conduct larger studies and clinical trials. Or helping the cost become more affordable and covered by insurance 

I honestly hope that no one takes the ability away from us to tap into the healing ability that every one of our bodies possess.

Its been used by athletes for years

Given half a chance our bodies will heal themselves, by themselves. 

Doctors have long used stem cells from bone marrow and blood to treat some types of cancer, such as leukemia and lymphoma. And stem cells are being widely studied as potential treatments for other health problems.

Like Avascular Necrosis and many other conditions

Researchers hope stem cells may someday make it possible to repair or replace damaged cells, tissues and even entire organs — but there are very few treatments currently available

We need less regulations not more.

Please don't stop patients from seeking out a treatment that may be their something or the only thing that may help them

Thank You 

Deborah Andio





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