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Investigate Conneaut Correctional Institue

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I understand prisons are built to house criminals. However do the inmates not have  any rights? Do they not deserve proper medical care? My uncle is currently incarcerated at a prison in Conneaut Ohio which is privately owned so seems to be pushed to the side. Since his transfer he has been placed in “the hole” due to a CO unknown by family or my uncle who claims he knows him and family. My uncle has not committed any further crimes while incarcerated nor received any write ups. However due to a lying CO he is sitting in the hole. He is also handicapped with the ablility to use only his right leg (due to a previously acquired MVA). He is also a diabetic. He is not permitted to use his crutches so he has been given a wheelchair which is too small forcing him to push the chair backwards, unable to propel himself. A CO was asked why he didn’t help him when he was going the same way as my uncle and the response was “if I help him then you will all think I give a shit about you”. He is not provided a chair for bathing purposes nor is he allowed his crutches for showering. He is denied the basic necessities of personal hygiene. A problem that could result in a major infection such as staph/MRSA, in which case would greatly effect his diabetes and health.  More recently he was attempted to be administered 80 units of insulin, he cought this med error and said I don’t get that much insulin, and told the nurse the dose he is ordered. The next administration of insulin he was not so lucky. He was awoke to receive his insulin and it was administered. 80 units. This resulted in 2 days of hospitalization. Family was not notified of incident. His long time girlfriend called the facility bc she had not received a phone call from him and was concerned. She was told by the assistant warden that the phones were not working, when in fact, he was in the local hospital; Brown Memorial, receiving care for his insulin overdose. Once returned to facility a call was placed to my aunt in which she was notified of his hospitalization, and the incident. He also stated to her that he feared for his life by the staff at this private correctional facility. He also confessed that while he was hospitialized his sheets and towels were taken and staff is now claiming they “don’t know what happened to them”. I understand the need for these institutions however the inmates also deserve basic human rights and to not be fearful of staff and certainly not medical staff. Please sign this petition to get the word out and get this institution investigated. If all this is happening to my uncle what are other inmates suffering through? I’m sure you know or have a loved one who made a mistake and is now serving punishment for their mistake, but is this type of punishment humane? I thought we outlawed cruel and unusual punishment? 

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