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Change laws governing cops

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I am a black woman with three black children and a black husband.All five of us are law abiding citizens. My oldest daughter attends University of Toledo majoring in biology, she hopes to become a doctor. I hold two degrees in education. My husband is a business owner and has been successful in his field for over 14 years. My husband and I have worked hard to provide our children with a good life and expose them to things that some only dream of. My younger children are young enough that I keep them with me at all times. One of them is a boy and he will soon grow into a man. My son is never aggressive, he is 9 years old. Because of the racial tension and stereotypes passed down and around about black men in our country, I fear for my son. I fear that because he is tall, because he is black, because he is intelligent, he will be a target. I have worked in the public school system for the last 6 years and I have heard other teachers refer to some students as threatening because they are taller than most. Every day, we hear stories about a victim of a police killing. We listen to the media portray the victim as some demonic citizen that if not killed would have terrorized the city streets. While these stories are playing out, the victim's family is quoted as saying their family member would not have done what the media is leading us to believe. 

Here is the problem. In America, we have this thing called a justice system. And as a part of this system we, as citizens are guaranteed a few rights. One of the most important of these is having the right to due process. Whether a citizen is accused of killing 10 people or jay walking, they are entitled to a trial with a jury of their peers. When the people that are put in place to protect take that right away, they are violating the citizens CIVIL RIGHTS. We as a people wait until something happens then we protest when it doesn't go our way. The protectors are becoming the predators because there are no laws governing them, and preventing them from doing so. There needs to be stricter requirements and better training in place as well as generic approaches to citizens that are not racially based. We allow the cities to hire police that are naturally fearful of things they don't understand ie, mental illness, different cultures etc. There needs to be better research into the life of the potential candidate to protect and serve. Who are their friends? How were they raised? Does this candidate belong to any hate groups? Once the candidate is hired what is their training? A cop should only be allowed to shoot to kill if they are in immediate and present danger, not if danger is possible. 

When I was in the United States Marine Corps and we did war training, there were different ways we held our rifle depending upon the threat. Why is it that the fearful cop automatically goes to shoot what he perceives as a threat? Is there no other way to neutralize that threat? Were you under heavy fire? We thought that the body cams would dissuade the cop from violating citizens rights however, that did not work. The cops were issued tasers, that did not work. Innocent victims are being gunned down daily by those that are in place to protect and the only consequence they are facing is a paid vacation. All the while the victim's family is left to mourn and grieve. Sometimes, the family will get a settlement but that is not even guaranteed and it does not bring back that father, mother, sister, or brother. 

Cops have to start being held liable for the things they do. Where is our Thurgood at to start at the bottom to effect change. We are sitting ducks literally and we have no voice. Please stop attempting to be reactive and become proactive. Please create laws that will 1. stop paying cops when they are being investigated for killing someone. 2. Delve further into a potential candidates background. 3. Require them to go into more extensive and explicit training in de-escalating techniques. 4. Have them take continuing education classes focusing on mental health and identifying signs. 5. Make community policing MANDATORY. If the same cops are in the same neighborhoods and they get to the know the people in their communities the likely hood that they would shoot the 12 year old boy that they have known for a few years decreases. Please help save our sons and daughters.

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