Call for Senator Portman to take action regarding Ukraine

Call for Senator Portman to take action regarding Ukraine

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Charles Ciborek started this petition to Senator Rob Portman

The Honorable Robert Portman,

We, the undersigned, for the good of our state, our nation, and our republic request you take the following actions in accordance with your oath of office and in service to us as your constituents.

1.       That you publicly acknowledge and denounce these facts which are not in dispute:

  • The President of the United States requested a foreign state initiate and publicly announce an investigation into his political rival.
  • This action was part of a concerted and organized effort over the period of months both preceding and following the call between the President and the Ukrainian President which took place on July 25th, 2019.
  • Normalized relations between the United States and Ukraine were conditioned on the above announcement, and a White House meeting was being withheld as leverage.
  • The senior diplomat to Ukraine has testified that hundreds of millions of dollars of military aid duly authorized by Congress was withheld in as attempt to leverage such an announcement.
  • These actions were coordinated and led by the President’s personal attorney outside of, and in many cases in contradiction to, the established foreign policy towards Ukraine as established by the State Department, National Security Council, Department of Defense, and The Congress of the United States.

2.       That you publicly acknowledge and denounce the attempts of The President and his administration to conceal the above facts from Congress and the American people in the following ways:

  • Moving the memo detailing the content of the President’s call with President Zelensky to a more secure server despite it not containing the level of sensitive information that is generally hosted on that server.
  • Blanketly instructing all Executive branch employees not to cooperate with the Congressional impeachment investigation.
  • Blanketly instructing all executive branch agencies to defy Congressional subpoenas for documents, materials and testimony.
  • Instructing at least one witness to not discuss these events with anyone outside the White House.
  • Attempting to prevent and delay a federal whistleblower’s complaint from reaching Congress.

3.       That you publicly affirm Congress’s oversight duty, role as a coequal branch of government, subpoena power, and power of impeachment.

4.       That you publicly acknowledge and denounce the Administration's and the President’s attempt to intimidate and discredit witnesses.

5.       That you publicly affirm the rights and protections given to federal whistleblowers under the law, and you denounce all efforts to unmask whistleblowers and undermine their legal protections.

6.       That you state clearly and publicly that the actions taken by then Vice President Biden in regards to the removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor Shokin were in accord with bi-partisan American (and international) policy towards Ukraine at the time, a policy that you publicly supported and lauded, and any assertion to the contrary is false and politically motivated.

7.       That you state clearly that you believe in the integrity and findings of our intelligence agencies and community.  That you agree that the Russians endeavored to hack the DNC servers, not the Ukrainians, and the President’s insistence on continuing to put stock in debunked conspiracy theories over the unanimous finding of our intelligence community endangers not only the public’s faith in our institutions, but also the integrity of future elections and ultimately our national security.

8.       That you publicly acknowledge the President’s efforts towards Ukraine were politically motivated and an attempt to enlist a foreign power to increase his electoral prospects.  That you state clearly that such an action is a gross abuse of power and undermines the integrity of our election.

9.       That you state publicly and unequivocally that the remedy for a willful, coordinated, and concerted effort to use foreign influence to undermine our election is not the election that the President is attempting to undermine, but is the exercise of Congress’s constitutional power of impeachment.

10.   That you acknowledge that failure to hold the President accountable for such actions establishes a precedent that such actions are acceptable in the future by both this President and his successors.

In the history of our nation there have been fewer than 2000 men and women who have had the privilege and responsibility of serving as a Senator of the United States.  We implore you to use your unique position in history to stand up for what is right and honor your commitment to defend our Constitution.  As your constituents, we have entrusted you with our voice and our power in Washington.  We expect and demand you use those tools in defense of the rule of law and in the pursuit of what is right.

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