Save our council tax money by reducing the number of councillors in Halton to 2 per ward.

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Halton Borough Council will no doubt increase Halton residents council tax payments as close to the 5% they’re legally allowed to do, all the time blaming the government why they have no money. 

While the amount of government funding has decreased nationally across the board, we think HBC should look in house to save money before automatically putting as much burden as they possibly can on the residents of this borough. 

We propose that Rob Polhill reduces the amount of councillors from 3 to a maximum of 2 per ward from this new tax year 2018. If HBC are to force us tax payers into paying councillors allowances, AND expenses, then we as residents think it’s only fair that we have a final say on the amount of councillors each ward has. 

Just to put it in context, in tax year 2016/17 the 57 HBC councillors cost us £760,620 (£13,344 each on average) with some councillors getting over £20k of our tax money per year! 

At the moment there are 15 wards with more than 2 councillors in, and if this was reduced to just 2 (which we feel is more than enough), we as tax payers would SAVE on average £200,000 per year! (57 councillors- 15= 42 x £13,344 = £560,448 per year) all of which could go straight into children’s services and all the other areas that are struggling in our borough. 

If this was reduced further to just 1 per ward it would only cost us on average £280,000 a year! (21 wards x £13,344 each) SAVING on average over £480k A YEAR!!!! 

In these times of austerity we believe everybody should be pulling together, and HBC should be setting examples on how to save money from within. We feel it’s only right that savings are found from amongst councillors. 

Please sign and share this petition to show HBC that we have had enough of paying for all these councillors, most of which we don’t even hear off until voting time! 

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