The MLB is complicit while watching the Wilpons make mockery of Mets Fans, Players & MLB

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Mr. Manfred,

The time has come for the Wilpons to depart as owners from the New York Mets Franchise now.

The unfulfilled promises of building contenders year after year continue to mount while the front office continually trades players as a means to save money. Has completely dismantled a good farm system and hardly rears worthy players for the MLB level. Continues to foster friendship over the safety of its players with its workout regimen. All this without building a qualified MLB team worthy of representation in New York or any team followed by the MLB Brand. 

Nepotism and friendly front office positions are filled by those who failed as coaches and position managers while an unproven COO ‘Jeff Wilpon’ is left to run operations year after year. He fails miserably on a continual level except to salary dump the teams payroll. The latest trade of closing pitcher Jeurys Familia along with the now disclosed chronic heel issue of Yoenis Cespedes speaks volumes of the misguided and negligent efforts of the WIlpons.

The request of the MLB CEO is to force the selling of the N.Y. Mets and not stand complicit as this mockery continues. This franchise, its players and fans deserve an owner who wants to win rather than looking at the team as a means to simply get richer without any care of winning. 

Mets Fans were promised change back in 2008 when Citifield was being built. Change from a losing franchise with its last World Series Win in 1986. Ten years later Met Fans are still waiting for that promise to unfold after many trades, coach changes, GM Changes yet the same CEO and COO, father/Son shameful duo continue to shamefully mock the Dodger Blue and Giant Orange colors many of us wear without hesitation because our love for this franchise never waned but the disgust for the owners is reaching a feverish pitch.

Mr. Manfred, we are asking you to take the same action of removing the Wilpons from the Mets as was completed when Frank McCourt was removed as owner from the Los Angeles Dodgers.