Restore the Rights of Former Tico Times Journalists

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The Tico Times, an independent Costa Rican media organization, has been built on principles of freedom of the press and support for the rights of journalists. Founders and previous owners Richard, Betty and Dery Dyer all embodied these principles throughout their careers. Current owner Rob Hodel has not paid salaries due to his former employees, not responded to their communications, and is now responsible for the removal of author names from the work of several former Tico Times employees, so that the articles they worked hard to publish during their time at the organization now appear without their bylines. We ask that Mr. Hodel publish an apology for the removal of bylines and failure to pay salaries owed, including in his apology the date by which he plans to remedy these situations; that he return all bylines to their original state; and that he pay salaries owed, in full.

We thank all those former journalists from The Tico Times and many other journalists and readers from Costa Rica and around the world who have expressed outrage at this situation and offered to add their voice to ours.

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