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Rob Ford please stop dragging Toronto into your scandals

Over the past two years Toronto has lost credibility on the world stage. Private equity investment in our city has dropped to an all time low, combine this with Mayor Ford's continuous ignorance of the law and our city comes across as an extremely unstable environment to do business in.

As Mayor of the city, Rob Ford has a responsibility to put Toronto first, to recognize the economic damage this legal verdict surrounding his affairs will have on the city. The perception of corruption can damage both short and long-term investments in Toronto, and if Mayor Ford's removal from office (despite the reasons) is prolonged this perception will grow tarnishing Toronto's reputation even further. 

Letter to
Please accept the court decision to remove you from office. We respectfully ask that you accept the judgment of our courts and end the growing perception of corruption that is tarnishing Toronto's good name. This perception can damage both short and long-term investments in Toronto, and if you try to prolong your removal from office (despite the reasons) you will inadvertently damage Toronto's reputation on the world stage.
Please put Toronto before your political ambitions.

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