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Integrate Out-of-School Care Into Our Schools

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The provincial educational system is built on the assumption that there is a parent or other caregiver at home, and therefore that out-of-school care is optional.  Increasingly, this is not the case for Vancouver families: the cost of living in Vancouver is such that it is unlikely that families will be able to support themselves on one salary.  The province needs to integrate out-of-school care into the primary education system.

Families struggle to find out-of-school care to cover the times outside of the mandated educational hours.  Many people are aware that finding childcare for the pre-school years is a struggle, but it is not as publicised that the struggle does not stop when kids enter school: in fact, it often gets worse.  According to Business Vancouver, the City is short of about 10,000 out-of-school care spots for school-aged children compared to the 7,500 shortfall for infant and toddler child care spaces.

The government’s top two priorities are “Making Your Life More Affordable” and “Improving the Services You Count On”.  Integrating out-of-school care into our education system, and making it a priority service for families will address both these commitments.  The new schools being built are a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of many families by including out-of-school care at levels that address current demand.

The Lord Tennyson School Elementary seismic upgrade project is currently underway.  By signing this petition, you are asking the government of British Columbia to:

  1. Make changes to the Lord Tennyson Elementary design that do not delay the project but do create more out-of-school care spaces.
  2. Confirm that – at a minimum – the existing 105 out-of-school care spaces at Lord Tennyson Elementary will be replaced in the new school without relying on the third floor (City of Vancouver) space.
  3. Work with the Vancouver School Board, City of Vancouver, and Vancouver Coastal Health to provide a coordinated strategy and approach to maximize out-of-school care spots in existing and new schools.
  4. Make accommodating and expanding out-of-school care a required part of design for future redevelopment and seismic upgrade projects.

 We are Action on Out-of-School Care Vancouver and we invite you to show your support by signing this petition and sharing with your friends and family.  Together we can re-build our school system, and shift the needle on affordability in Vancouver.

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