Scientifically proven accommodations for students with Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is a neurobiological brain based disability occurring in 20 percent of the population. Despite regular classroom teaching, students with Dyslexia fail to attain the language skills of reading, writing, and spelling that are not in proportion to their intellectual ability. The workings of the BRAIN of a dyslexic student is entirely different than a non-dyslexic student. (See images on google for a quick reference).

PROBLEM #1  Students with Dyslexia must receive a legal diagnosis by a certified psychologist at their own expense costing between $3000.00-$5000.00. Furthermore, there is no government funding allotted for this designation for the initial diagnosis or for support over the entirety of 13 years of education. The necessary tutoring costs amount to approximately $2100.00/month. That is $25,200.00/year.

PROBLEM#2  The B.C. curriculum has been developed for LITERATE students since its inception in 1872. Dyslexic students have been and still are automatically marginalized and expected to endure school as a difficult and hostile environment which in turn causes serious psychological damage to the child's self esteem and self confidence. Even though newer laws have helped to accommodate varying types of disabilities, systemic discrimination is in fact what is happening daily to the Dyslexic student (The system itself is discriminatory in that it caters to a certain type of student). 

Problem#3  Science based and heavily researched methods to teach reading, writing and spelling to Dyslexic people have existed since 1930. One such approach is the Orton-Gillingham Method. The B.C.Education system does not use scientifically proven methods for Dyslexia as remediation to give Dyslexic students a chance to learn the way their brain CAN learn.  When we put the man on the moon we don't argue with science how to get him there and then just wing it another way instead. We trust the research and the scientifically tested data and send the man to the moon with great expectation of safety and success. Research and proven methods are non negotiable for the Dyslexic student.

Students with Dyslexia are in the same position as a person who is wheel chair bound but welcomed and expected to show up in a goverment building every week day where no ramp exists. Then told, once inside, okay now walk. You can do it.

By signing this petition, we are not only saying do something for 20 percent of British Columbia's population who have been treated unfairly, we are also saying we are not willing to receive a band aid approach as a solution. We expect real scientific methods to be put in place within the public school system to even the playing field for all Dyslexic people. Its time for the Ministry of Education to do THEIR homework. It is long overdue. In fact its been over a century and we aren't going to wait any longer because kid's can't wait while we fail them.